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Pack this on your vacation medical kit!


You’re already thinking about taking a well-deserved break and run away somewhere sunny, exotic and relaxing, or maybe you’ve made plans to travel with one of your regulars for a naughty sex trip? Either way, make sure you have a well-equipped first aid kit with you so that nothing can stay in the way of you having the time of your life!

Do not feel embarrassed by all the stuff you’ve packed in your medical kit because it is better to be safe than to spend the entire holiday feeling sick and missing out on the fun!

Also, you’ll be a real angel in the eyes of your client, if you come prepared when he is feeling sick and you happen to have the perfect cure for his problems.

Being an escort means being prepared for every situation that may occur and that implies having the right outfit for any type of event, having multiple naughty costumes and sex toys and even having the right medicine for a stomachache, a toothache or a nasty jet lag!

Here is a list of what you must pack in your medical kit, so that nothing can find you unprepared.

Fight the dreadful sunburns!

You can’t go on a summer vacation without having an Aloe Vera based gel and that’s a fact! Getting sunburned can happen to the best of us and Aloe Vera is the perfect cure for the painful sensation you’re experiencing. It soothes and cools off your skin and it also moisturizes the dry skin that suffered from over-exposure to the sun.

No more blocked ears when flying!

Pack a nasal spray with you, when flying, like Otrivine and use it just before the plane takes off. If you think why use nasal spray when your problem is located in the ear, well the answer is simple: the eardrops won’t work because the eardrum prevents anything going from the ear canal to the eustachian tube, so the only way medication can be delivered to the eustachian tube is through the nose. The eustachian tube opens and closes automatically to regulate the pressure in the ears, but when the tube is not clear, due to inflammation, then you have blocked ears.

Say goodbye to insect bites!

Instead of treating the itching sensation of an insect bite, you could prevent it by using an antihistamine tablet. Pack them with you and keep that gorgeous body of yours, free of red, itching insect bites.

No luggage is complete without blister plasters!

It doesn’t matter where you’re planning on traveling, one thing that can’t be missing from your luggage are the blister plasters, especially if you’re planning on wearing those sexy sandals you’ve just bought, in order to wow you date!

Gorgeous eyes even after a long flight!

Protect your eyes from turning red and dry, as a result of a long flight, by packing some artificial tears in your handbag. Use the ones packed for one use, because are easily to travel with and are also preservative-free.

Do not spend your vacation on the loo!

Diarrhoea is the big enemy of a great, exotic vacation. So, always pack some Imodium with you and some rehydration sachets. The anti-diarrhoea drug acts by making stools less watery, while the rehydration sachets, such as Dioralyte, replaces the lost water and salts during those horrible watery stools.

Win an extra vacation day, by removing the jet lag!

The melatonin tablets are working wonders for the dreadful jet lag. So, ask your doctor to prescribe a few melatonin tablets before going away on vacation and take one, half an hour before going to sleep. Melatonin is a hormone produced by our brain at night when the body prepares to sleep. So, by taking a melatonin tablet, you help your body reset the sleep/wake cycle and forget about jet lag. But do not over-use it!

Don’t let a bad tooth ruin your vacation!

If you’re having problems with a tooth and you are afraid it might start to hurt while you’re away on vacation with a client, then pack some clove oil in your bag. Put a few drops on a cotton pad and place it over the aching tooth and you will see an improvement of the pain.

Don’t let a hangover put you down!

Ibuprofen is the wonder drug that can’t be missing from your medical kit. It helps you get over a nasty hangover by retaining fluids in your body and preventing dehydration and the horrible headaches.


Don’t let a minor inconvenient such as an ache, a sunburn or a tummy bug ruin your time with your client. Instead, come prepared for everything and you’ll have a great, relaxing holiday!

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