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Ageing is no drama. Tricks on how to age well and still be an escort!


Don’t turn aging into a drama, but what you can do instead is make some lifestyle changes that will allow you to maintain your youthful look for as long as possible! Aging in a gracious manner is vital for an escort, especially if she wants to be in this line of work for a long time, so, follow our suggestions, keep a clean and balanced way of living, put some solid boundaries between being an escort and being something more and you will find yourself untouched by the years that are passing by.

Being positive is the key!

Always try to maintain a positive attitude towards life and towards aging. This way you won’t fixate on every wrinkle, pain or thing that you used to be able to do with ease and now you can’t anymore. Also, make your own post-date ritual that will help you leave the bad or negative energies behind and regain your positive vibe. It can be something simple like a few minutes of meditation, or taking a bubble-bath with scented candles and essential oils or maybe shake the day off with some loud music, a glass of wine and some dancing all by yourself, in your pyjamas or undies.

Keep a balanced diet!

Eating healthy is a must, especially when you have such a hectic lifestyle, with long nights, early mornings, difficult clients and little time for yourself. Remember that you can function as long as your immune system is in parameters and you give your body all that it needs to survive. Cut back on salt, sugar and caffeine and always pack in your purse some nuts and dried fruits to snack on between dates. Always have breakfast, because it provides your body with the fuel that it need to start fresh a busy day, and if you are not a morning person and you are not a big fan of omelettes, sausages and other greasy food in the morning, go for some whole grains cereals with some yogurt or milk.  Also, don’t forget to include fish in your diet and cut down on chips, soda and white bread.

Try to exercise as often as you can

No, the bed activity doesn’t count as exercise, although it may help you burn down some calories ????. But, having an activity that you do outside work, just for yourself and for your well-being, is vital if you want to keep your self-esteem high and your general, positive mood. Doing yoga, swimming, jogging, dancing or practicing any kind of sport helps you stay focused on something else rather than escorting, it offers you a sense of belonging to something else, different from your escort life and it helps you to just relax, empty your mind and calm your spirit.

Stay socially active

Don’t let a day pass you by without having a reason to smile and be happy about something that happened. That’s why it’s important to surround yourself with fun, positive people, to plan activities different from escorting, to laugh a lot and just to find reasons to be happy. A happy person is a beautiful and healthy person….keep that in mind next time negativism tends to swallow you whole!

Sleep, sleep, sleep!

We can’t stress that enough, because offering your body a good night’s sleep helps it heal and rebuild its energy sources. So, if you’ve had some crazy couple of days, don’t get greedy and keep accepting bookings after bookings. Stop for a minute and think about how you feel and how your body feels and give yourself some time off. It could be half a day, just perfect for a spa treatment and a movie, a whole day or even an entire weekend just for yourself!

Keep your skin away from sunburns

As sexy as it may feel right now, to have a tanned skin and a nice sun-kissed look, don’t forget about the horrible effect that the sun has on our skin later in life! We talk about skin discolorations, aged epidermis and even skin cancer! So, make the SPF lotions your best friend and use them even when the sun is not visible on the cloudy sky! Your skin will thank you later when you’ll look perfect, wrinkle free, spots free and healthy.


Keep our advice in mind and you’ll enjoy a long career as a high-class escort. Add to the list above all the things that really matter to you, like vacations, free time, reading a book or pursuing a hobby and you’ll see that the years passing by will not seem so dreadful when you have a full life and you do what you love!

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