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Keep Your Vagina Healthy. Beware of These Smells and Symptoms!


We can’t stress it enough, just how important a healthy vagina is for your overall health and well-being, especially when your line of work solicits you so much. That’s why it is very important that you pay extra attention to the signs that your body is giving you and to take the right measures in order to get better soon.

Knowing your body and knowing how to interpret its signs is a very important thing for a professional escort. This way you know exactly what to do and how to improve your overall health.

So, here is where we step in, with a short guide of things to know about your precious vagina!

Pussy odours – from healthy musky scents, to fishy and yeasty ones!

The pussy has a distinct smell, that musky odour that every healthy vagina has, but what happens when the odour changes in intensity and it is also accompanied by strange vaginal discharges?

Here is a list of the most common vagina odours that may raise a red flag regarding your pussy’s health:

  1. 1.      The Fishy Smell

Even though there are even jokes related to the fact that the pussy smells fishy, well the truth is that it shouldn’t smell like that and that a healthy vagina has nothing to do with the fowl fish smell!

So ladies, next time you notice a fishy smell coming from your crotch area remember that this may be a sign of an infection like the bacterial vaginosis. If you add into the mix a greenish discharge, then we are talking about serious business like an STD.

The best thing to do is postpone all of your dates and go to your doctor right away!

  1. 2.      Smells like bleach

The bleach odour is another type of smell that your pussy might have. If you feel that your vagina smells like chlorine or bleach, this may be happening because of the condoms or lube that you are using. Try changing it and see if the smell fades away, if not, got see your doctor!

  1. 3.      The dreadful yeast smell

If your vagina is smelling yeasty and it is accompanied by a white, cottage cheese like discharge, the explanation is simple: we are talking about a yeast infection! In this case a visit to your doctor is important.

  1. 4.      A sweet pussy scent

We know your pussy is sweet and irresistible, but when it has a sweet smell the explanation is simple and you don’t need to worry about it, because it could be due to the food you’ve had recently.

Fruits like pineapples, grapefruits and oranges can make your pussy have a sweeter taste, so don’t worry and try to see if the smell really correlates with the foods you’re eating!


An urgent visit to the doctor is required when you experience: vaginal discharge, an itchy rash, a burning sensation, a sour smell, bleeding and even pain during sex.

Frequent Vaginal Health Problems

Vaginitis – it is a vaginal condition associated with symptoms like itching, pain and burning sensation. Among other causes, vaginitis may occur because of sexual intercourses with multiple partners and oral contraceptives.

Bacterial vaginosis – it’s a vaginal infection, well spread among women all over the world. Untreated, the bacterial vaginosis can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease and then to infertility.

Yeast infections – this is a very common vaginal problem that most women have during their life; it has a simple and painless treatment consisting in ovules and creams used in and outside the vagina.


This is a short guide meant to help you have an overall idea about the normal and abnormal smells and symptoms related to your vagina. Go through them and next time you notice something weird with your pussy – like a strange odour, an itching or burning sensation and so on, don’t postpone it and go see your physician asap!

A healthy, appealing body and a playful and fun personality are your main assets in the escorting industry, so take extra care of yourself.

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