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Escorts dealing with PMS and menstrual cramps


Dates after dates, long bookings, overnights, sexy getaways, this is the schedule of an elite escort. So, where does the PMS and the menstrual cramps fit into this hectic way of life? Well, it doesn’t, that’s why finding ways to deal with the nasty effects of the menstrual cycle is crucial if you want to maintain your rhythm, the entire month.

So, here are a few tricks you could try, when the menstrual cycle comes knocking or even banging at your door:

1.      Keep your lower abdomen warm!

Use a blanket, a fluffy pillow or a warm water bag to keep your lower abdomen warm. This way you relieve cramps, by improving the blood flow and by offering yourself a comfy feeling.

2.      Enjoy having orgasms after orgasms

Take the required hygienic measure in the days when the menstrual flow is not that abundant and book some dates. If you don’t feel comfortable to do it with some strangers in those days of the month, and you have a boyfriend, do it with him. You are single? Then masturbation is the key!

Being sexually active during those days of the month helps you alleviate cramps and forget about headaches and migraines. The explanation is simple and it’s based on the fact that orgasms are increasing your blood flow, helping your brain receive some natural chemicals that helps your body relax and forget about cramps and pain.

3.      Chocolate is bliss

Yes, chocolate is good for you during your menstrual cycle, especially dark chocolate, because it helps you regain the magnesium lost during the period. So, give in to temptation and indulge yourself with some chocolate and your body will thank you for that!

4.      Keep your body well hydrated

Losing fluids during your menstrual cycle means that your body gets dehydrated, so combat that by drinking a lot of water. This will also help you fight bloating and the sensation of tiredness.

5.      No PMS symptoms if you take calcium

A daily dose of calcium it appears that helps you cut down on your PMS symptoms, like the dreadful moodiness. Take calcium one week before your menstrual cycle and you’ll be able to go on with your life during the period days.

6.      Say no to salt and caffeine

Caffeine acts by increasing the levels of estrogen, making your PMS worse, while salt makes you retain water and get bloated. So, stay away from those two and you should feel better.

7.      Stay away from cosmetic procedures

You have a whole month to plan your bikini wax or your corporal treatment, so why plan them exactly before menstruation when you’re more sensitive as ever? Pamper yourself not torture yourself and you should be just fine!


Follow our advice and you should feel way better during that period of the month. You could be even able to take a couple of dates and reduce the discomfort to the minimum.

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