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How to stay away from urinary infections


The warmer summer month, the wet swimsuit, the damp towels and the increased sexual activity may lead to a higher risk of developing a urinary tract infection. Do not treat this lightly, because this kind of infection can interfere with your lifestyle and your general health. So, stay alert in order to identify the symptoms on an early stage and seek medical treatment so that your summer engagements won’t have to suffer from this medical inconvenience.

The symptoms of a urinary tract infection are easy to spot because they include:

-          Pain while urinating, followed by the urge to pee a lot, but only produce a few drops each time;

-          Stomach and back pain;

-          Foul urine odour or even bloody urine;

-          In some cases, even fever.

Urinary tract infections are caused by bacteria in the bladder, or in the urinary tract and among the triggers of this painful medical condition are the use of a diaphragm and the repetitive use of vaginal douches!

So, dear escorts, here are a few things that you can do, so that this summer will be without medical problems and discomfort and you can fully commit to your booked dates:

1.      Drink a lot of water

First of all, the key to keeping the urinary infection at bay is drinking a lot of water, because, by drinking less, your urine becomes more concentrated and that leads to a higher risk of developing a urinary tract infection. Do not get dehydrated!

Drink a lot of water – the two litres recommended by every doctor, because water is the only one that really hydrates the body, not juices, fruits or soups. Yes, those matter to, but the hydrating properties of water are the ones that matter for your body during the summer months.

2.      Always change into dry clothes!

Staying dry, especially in the vaginal area, is crucial if you want to keep your vagina healthy and in working conditions ????. So, make sure that you don’t sit around wearing a wet swimsuit or you lay on a damp towel for more than a few minutes.

Yes, relaxing by the pool is extremely good, especially when you have a gorgeous body to display for your fancy date, but the moisture kept in the vaginal area is the ideal environment for bacteria to multiply and cause you some nasty urinary problems. So, after taking a bath make sure you change into a dry swimsuit.

3.      Shower and change after gym

Do not stay in your workout outfit a minute longer than necessary, because the moist environment will only make yeast multiply and bacteria grow, leading you to a painful urinary tract infection!

4.      Empty your bladder after sex!

During the summer month, the hormones are all over the place, the desire is at its peak and the sexy getaways are planned in advance, so the probability of having more sex then ever during this period is really high! And with lots of sex comes some problems like the intense use of condoms, spermicides, lubricants, all whom can increase the risk of you developing a urinary tract infection.

In order to reduce this risk, do not forget to urinate after you’ve had sex. This way the bacteria that arrived in this area is being flushed away, before moving into the bladder.

5.      No vaginal douches or scented soaps!

Having a good hygiene down there is vital, especially when you are an active woman, working in the escorting industry! So, stay away from scented bath products and vaginal douches and always remember to wipe from front to back so that to avoid bringing dangerous bacteria in the area of your vagina.


Being always alert when it comes to your health is critical in your line of work, so don’t give in to passion and forget some of the rules mentioned above and you’ll be good this summer. Also, if it happens to get a urinary tract infection, seek a doctor, to prescribe you some antibiotics. It’s not a tragedy, or the end of your summer, so relax and enjoy yourself!


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