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Masturbation – a party for one, we should all attend! The BENEFITS


A little “menage a moi” can be exactly what the doctor prescribed, especially if you are looking to relax after a hectic day or a stressful time at work or at home. And yes, masturbation is also recommended to escorts, because being an escort and being constantly, sexual active, does not automatically imply that every date comes with an orgasm, or two.

So, it is very important to just loosen up, relax, unwind and forget about a stressful day or a demanding client, by taking care of your own needs. And who else can take better care of you and of your vagina if not yourself?!

Some well-done masturbation can perform miracles on your state of mind and even on your long-time health. So, ladies and gents, don’t hesitate to please yourself as often as you feel like it, because this type of party for one can turn out to be the best thing that we can offer to our body and mind!

Both men and women have plenty to gain from masturbation, so stop making a taboo subject out of this natural and enjoyable sexual experience and start getting to know your body better, take care of its needs and please yourself as often as you feel like it.

The health benefits of masturbation on women

 1.      Say goodbye to depression

Being a professional escort can be a very demanding and stressful thing, that’s why, if you don’t pay attention to your body’s signals and your general state of mind, you could wake up in the middle of an anxiety attack or a depression episode.

But, did you know that by masturbating you actually are keeping depression at bay? The explanation is simple and it has to do with the release of some “feel good” hormones during masturbation, like dopamine, endorphin and oxytocin. Besides from making you feel good, masturbation fights off the stress hormone, by lowering the levels of cortisol.

2.      Less pain, especially during menstruation

While orgasming, the blow flow to your brain and genitals is considerably increased, this being translated into less headaches and menstrual cramps. The menstrual pain is alleviated also because of the contraction of the uterine muscle. And let’s be honest, if you are feeling distressed and self-pleasuring yourself gives you comfort and helps you relax, why don’t go for it?!

3.      It feels awesome!!!

Yes, that’s an argument pro-masturbation, because self-pleasuring yourself does feel amazing, without having any kind of downside.

4.      Dealing with insomnia, no more!

If you have trouble relaxing and sleeping after an intense day, or night, full of dates and new challenges, then masturbation is the key. Having an orgasm lowers your blood pressure and helps you relax, by drifting into a peaceful and calm state of mind, perfect for a good sleep.


The health benefits of masturbation on men

1.      A natural antidepressant

Masturbation acts on men just as it does on women, by stimulating the release of endorphins from the brain into the entire body. We are talking about a de-stressor and antidepressant, natural and accessible, especially after having a hard time at work or with the family.

2.      Helps you keep prostate cancer at bay

By flushing away old semen and making room for fresh one, men are cutting their odds of developing prostate cancer with up to 30 per cent! So, flush the toxins away and keep your urogenital tract clean and healthy!

3.      Masturbation equals a stronger boner

By masturbating and ejaculating regularly, you exercise the strength of your pelvic muscles and this way you manage to keep a stronger boner for a longer period of time. Masturbation increases the blood flow to your genitals, keeps the fluids moving and everything working properly!

4.      Some solo time leads to a healthier heart

Being sexual active, even during the solo acts, seems to improve your general health and strengthens your heart. The explanation is simple: by masturbating and achieving orgasms, your heart rate increases and that leads to a better circulation of the blood to the heart and a smaller risk of a heart attack.


So, forget about taboo and focus on taking care of yourself and of your needs, because a happy, relaxed body is a healthy body!

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