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The 5 Best Ways to Handle Abusive Clients


As any seasoned escort knows, there are certain clients who can become abusive real fast. What begins as a pleasant conversation over the phone, on Facebook, via email, and so on before the actual date can take place, can easily go downhill. It’s then you realize that you’d better stay away from that potential client.  For these kind of people, the line between being passionate about an escort and being obsessed with them is very thin. Unfortunately, many of these abusive customers hide their real nature very well.

Fear not: we’re here to help you, ladies and gents who are new at escorting, nip obsessive behavior in the bud. Let’s see the most common signs of obsessive behavior!

You refuse a booking, and your customer gets angry

Let’s say you spent the night at your client’s house and you need a couple of days off afterwards. The customer from the night before texts or emails you, saying they want to see you again the next day. You politely decline, but they don’t wanna hear about it. If you decide to ignore them, they will become increasingly aggressive towards you and send threatening messages daily.

What to do in such a case? Don’t wait till things become violent. Who knows, that client might one day come at your house, ring the bell, and beat you as soon as you open the door. Don’t let things come to that. We recommend either calling the police or moving to your friend’s house for a while. Also, change your telephone number, email address, or make your social media account private.

Your client starts spying on you

This is something that all obsessed customers do at some point. If you feel like you’re being watched from across the street or your client tells you something you’ve never told them about you, seek help. Once again, the police should be the first number you dial. If that doesn’t help, blacklist that man or woman or change your daily routine. Staying at a friend’s place for a couple of weeks or months is also a good idea.

You get showered with too much attention

Clients who’ve enjoyed their time with you will tell you so via calls, emails, and so on. Some will send you flowers or gifts. Others will leave positive reviews on your blog. Then there are those types who tell you how much you mean to them every single day. They might do that by texting you way too often or sending you way too many presents.

These entitled clients don’t respect your boundaries and they think that the world revolves around them. Our advice is to simply blacklist them on your phone, laptop, social media platforms, etc.

Your customer tries to make their way into your life

What does this mean? For starters, this person wants you to think of them as your friend. They’ll make it seem like they’re there for you in your darkest hour. They might even be in the same place as you, like your favorite café, and blame it on coincidence. This will give you a false sense of having someone to rely on when you have a bad day at the office. Don’t get drawn into that. If you feel like this man or woman tries to make themselves essential to your life, block them.

He or she thinks that the two of you are lovers

This is another red flag telling you that your client might become abusive at a certain point. If you sense that your customer sees the two of you as being in a relationship, talk to them about it. Remind your client that you like to keep things professional and that they’re crossing the line. Be firm and let them know that you won’t say yes to their bookings anymore if they don’t respect your boundaries.


Clients that seem nice, polite, and attentive to your needs can quickly become an escort’s worst nightmare. We hope our tips and tricks shed some light on how to prevent extremely insulting behavior from happening to you. Don’t let yourselves be flattered by a customer’s presents and sweet attitude. Trust your guts and remind yourself that you need to separate your escort life from your private life.

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