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How to buy her the right perfume!


A woman’s perfume tells a story about her personality, her style and her life. It’s a very personal gift, that wins you a lot of points in her eyes, and that’s why you have to do it right and to choose something that really fits her and not just a random pretty bottle with a big price on it.

A perfume is among the most desirable gifts that an escort could wish for, among shoes and bags, so do it right and choose it carefully! And if you follow our advice, you will definitely be getting a nice, sexy treat in return for your kind attention.

If you want to surprise her with your gift, and you don’t want to just ask her what’s her favourite perfume, then continue reading this article and you will hit a home run!

1.      Her lifestyle is the main clue!

Do not start buying her perfumes after just a couple of dates. Instead, take your time to know your favorite escort, because knowledge is power and in this case, knowing what her lifestyle is means knowing the type of fragrance you are looking for.

So, if the escort is an indoor type of gal, enjoying shopping, going to restaurants, out with friends or out dancing in clubs, then her perfume must fit in well in a closed, crowded surrounding. We are talking about subtle fragrances, like a light floral scent or a delicate musk one.

If your companion is an outdoorsy type of lady, then she will want to wear something fresh or citrusy. Try the blue, ocean fragrances or the natural, citrus ones and you will definitely be on the right track.

If she is the “girl next door” type, shy and sweet, then her perfect perfume could be an amber one, or a sweet tropical one.

2.      Find what her hobbies are

A hobby can tell a lot of things about a woman’s right perfume. If we are talking about a fancy, elegant and socially active type of girl, then she may prefer a spicy, oriental scent.

If she expressed her inclination towards fun activities, things that implies a lot of friends, dancing, going on trips or shopping, then the perfect perfume might one with a fruity, fresh and a little bit sweeter scent.

When we are talking about a mature woman, consider buying her a perfume with a soft floral, vanilla scent.

3.      Her age is a major factor

Young escorts can appreciate a trendier perfume, one from her favorite artist, with vivid, playful aromas. The ladies in their mid-30s can go for popular perfume designers, while mature ladies can tend to opt for classic, signature fragrances, that leave a mark when they enter the room.


When deciding to buy your elite companion a perfume, pay attention to her preferences in matters of soap, shampoo, perfumes, flowers and social events. Everything is a clue and you can be the perfect detective, just by paying a little bit of attention to her inclinations. Tell the lady at the perfumery all the clues that you have gathered and she will guide you on the right path.

And remember, buying a meaningful gift, well research and from the heart, is the gesture of a real gentleman and it will bring you some very cool favours!

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