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Have amazing sex with a curvy woman!


Who doesn’t love a big, bouncy butt or a nice pair of perfectly shaped boobs, ideal for motorboating? Also, did you know that most men believe that the bigger the butt, the better the sex? It all has to do with the fact that men love to explore sexually and a woman with gorgeous and generous curves fits right into their erotic fantasies.

Ladies, put those fears and insecurities aside and put that jiggly butt to work! There’s no shame in enjoying sex, especially when you have such delicious curves that men are dying to dive into!

You must have heard the expression “cushion for the pushin”! Well that’s one of the reasons men are so attracted by women with generous curves, because a big butt, huge tits and some juicy hips to hang on to during sex are just perfect for an intense erotic encounter. Also, did you know that women with bigger curves can sustain longer and more intense strokes then slimmer ladies? So, what are you waiting for? You curvy ladies start moving those naughty hips and you gents start booking hot dates!

For ladies with curves, the magic is in the way everything moves, when they walk, dance or have sex and those moves are turning men crazy with lust and desire. Just try to imagine the image that a man has during doggie style, when he is slamming his pelvis on a woman’s big butt, or when he is grabbing her hips and hold on to them during sex! Yum, yum, yum, that’s all we have to say about that!

Another thing to consider is the fact the big girls are just perfect for cuddling. And cuddling next to a woman with shapes and curves can help a man relax and fully enjoy the after-sex sensations.

You are wondering if sex with a woman with curves is different that with a skinny lady? Well of course is different, but in a good way, because some of the positions can produce magnified effects! The man enjoys extra arousal during intercourse, just by touching, grabbing, licking and kissing his partners hot curves, while the lady enjoys some intense sensations because of the ripple effect each move has on her body.

The 3 power positions for sex with a big girl:

 1.      The doggie style

This is the most appreciated sex pose among both women and men. Vary things a little by doing the standing doggy style or by bending over a couch or a table. This way, if you have certain body insecurities, you can rest assure knowing that your body is looking fabulous, also girls, keep in mind that no man is looking at your jiggling belly during sex! Ladies, if you have it, flaunt it and your man will adore every second spent in your company.

2.      The reverse cowgirl

Get on him girl and ride him good! The reverse cowgirl implies the man to lay on the bed or on the floor because it’s a straight and stronger surface, while the woman is riding him facing his feet. It’s an amazing position for deeper strokes and intense penetration and it is also amazing because it provides the guy with an awesome view of her sexy butt moving and shaking…. and that’s so hot, right?

3.      The modified missionary

The modified missionary involves using something, like a pillow or a ramp to lift the butt so that the vagina to be penis high. This way, with the hips and vagina tilted up, the man has better access to the pussy, allowing him to have a deeper penetration. Also, he can lick your feet if he’s into that or place your legs on his shoulders allowing him to have an amazing view of your body, trembling with desire and the spasms of an orgasm.


So, darlings, don’t hesitate about trying all the sexual positions you are fantasizing about and turn those hot curves into an asset and not a thing that can hold you back sexually. Stay open minded and check out all the awesome gadgets that exist in sex shops especially for your pleasure.

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