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Expand Your Clientèle by Attending the Best International Festivals - Part I


Being up to date with everything that happens on the international social scene, is a must if you want to maintain your position as a high-class escort. Also, being present to all kind of events, that are targeting both the rich and famous and the not so famous, but still financially potent, is a great way to make yourself and your services known and to attract new clients and potential regular.

Each month there are hundreds of festivals all around the world, so you have plenty to choose from, according to your touring schedule and location as an escort. Here, we are going to mention just a small part of what’s about to happen on the festival scene, in 2018, some of the festival with tradition and great appeal to the audience.

So, start making your traveling plans for 2018, plan your vacations, get your tickets and why not, invite one of your regulars to join you!


The Venice Carnival

January 27 – February 13, Venice, Italy

This is a must-see festival if you are from Italy or from any other European country. Wonder around the ancient streets, where hundreds of masked characters, dressed in vintage costumes, populate the streets. It is the perfect place for a romance, because love and sexual tension can be felt all around, in the air.


Mardi Gras

February 13, New Orleans, USA

With the motto “Let the good times roll”, Mardi Gras is a place to party hard, openly and with no restrictions. During Mardi Gras, the streets of New Orleans are packed with people from all over the world, ready to take part in one of the biggest parties of their lives. This is the wildest event that takes place in the United States, so dear escorts, your presence there is really a must!

The Rio Carnival

February 09 – February 14, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Rio Carnival is the biggest carnival in the world. Each year, over two million people are taking the streets daily to see the parade and to dance to the enticing and vibrant music. It is a real feast of the eyes, where the heart beats faster and the imagination goes wild. It is a destination where it is best to be accompanied by a friend or by one of your regulars. But the partying doesn’t stop on the street, but it goes on with official balls and parties, that take place at Copacabana Palace. So be there, ready to party and ready to break some hearts!


The Holi Festival

March 2nd, Mumbai, India

The Holi Festival is a celebration of color and unity. If you plan on attending this great festival get ready for a real spectacle, where people of all ages and status take the festivities to the streets by throwing colors at each other, to symbolize their unity and the disappearance of any differences, for the duration of the day.

St. Patrick’s Day

March 17, Dublin – Ireland & New York – USA
Prepare yourself for a green celebration, because during St. Patrick's Day everybody wears green, paint their faces and celebrate with plenty of booze. So, dress up for the occasion and get ready for the biggest green party you’ve ever seen. A what greater way to meet new men and show your special, companion skills, if not on this day?


King’s Day

April 27, Amsterdam, Netherlands

After the green holiday in Dublin and New York, comes the bright orange holiday of the King’s Day. It’s a crazy, colorful celebration, with an amazing boat parade into a fantastic city to visit. Check it out and expand your clientele database.


The Stars of the White Nights

May, St. Petersburg, Russia

May is a perfect month to be touring St. Petersburg, because of the White Nights, a compilation of events dedicated to fine arts like music, opera, ballet and film, doubled by impressive fireworks. So, if you want to meet the right men for your escorting activity, St. Petersburg is the place to be. So, pack up and start socializing with the elite of the Russian society and the rich and famous that travel the world to Russia, for the bets cultural events of the year.

Cannes Film Festival

May 09 – May 20, Cannes, France

The Cannes Festival is the place that attracts the most starts per square meter, so don’t miss your chance to be seen and to connect with important business men from all around the world. During the festival the party never stops, so make an agenda of all the events, dinner parties and galas, that you must attend, do your homework in advance regarding the dress codes and the proper etiquette and have some fun!


Download Festival

June 08 – June 10, Leicestershire, UK

The Download music festival is a three-day celebration of great music, held each year in Donington Park. Even if it may not seem like a place for the elite, it attracts a huge and very diverse crowd, that can help you expand your clientele list and diversify it with some new faces and characters.

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