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Escort Alina
Moscow, Russia
Currently has: 1
review by: mojaspamiarka (1)
Looks : 4.0/10
Services: 2.0/10
Date Added: 18.03.2019
Meeting Date : 11.03.2019
City: Moscow
Country: Russia
Review : Not the girl in the pictures. Girl doesn't speak English, very bad teeth and a very basic "do what you must and let me go" approach. Cuts on time and atmosphere is not existing. The only question, she was able to ask in English was "why you no finish"... Worst spent money. read all >>
Escort annie
Manila, Philippines
Currently has: 1
review by: mike25 (1)
Looks : 10.0/10
Services: 10.0/10
Date Added: 16.03.2019
Meeting Date : 14.03.2019
City: Manila
Country: Philippines
Review : she's very beautiful and charming, definitely worth my time and money. She give's the best blowjob and has the greatest most honest moan ever! My body keeps looking for her. Amazing body amazing attitude ! hope o see you again soon read all >>
Escort Real Alexandra
Sofia, Bulgaria
Currently has: 1
review by: massageu (1)
Looks : 5.5/10
Services: 0.5/10
Date Added: 14.03.2019
Meeting Date : 14.03.2019
City: Sofia
Country: Bulgaria
Review : No kissing, no fingering no 69. Very short BJ maybe 3 min she starts to be frustrated ... than little licking her till she came ... even she claimed that she doesn’t like receiving oral. And than after 20 min she left my room .. booked an hour ... and I didn’t finish My advice keep your finger off... read all >>
Escort Vanessa
Tijuana, Mexico
Currently has: 1
review by: bacchusvino (1)
Looks : 7.0/10
Services: 10.0/10
Date Added: 08.03.2019
Meeting Date : 24.11.2018
City: Tijuana
Country: Mexico
Review : What a fun woman, young and up for anything . She speaks and understands English. Helps a great deal for me. She suggested a Slightly older but clean Hotel much better on my pocketbook. Worth seeing again. She is ready to go the second she walks into the room. read all >>
Escort Independent Louise Pearl
Prague, Czech Republic
Currently has: 1
review by: travel_man (1)
Looks : 10.0/10
Services: 9.0/10
Date Added: 08.03.2019
Meeting Date : 24.02.2019
City: Prague
Country: Czech Republic
Review : I don't normally write reviews but thought it might be helpful for others seeking a more meaningful experience while visiting Prague. Over the years that I've seen escorts, I've had many experiences: a few great, plenty good, but most lousy and unfulfilled. This is about one of the greats.I needed... read all >>
Escort Kelly love NEW
Bella agancy
Dubai, UAE
Currently has: 1
review by: mohhamed (1)
Looks : 10.0/10
Services: 10.0/10
Date Added: 05.03.2019
Meeting Date : 04.03.2019
City: Dubai
Country: UAE
Review : I visited Kelly yesterday! excellent time read all >>
Escort AureliaMia
Brussels, Belgium
Currently has: 1
review by: scottietippin (1)
Looks : 6.0/10
Services: 0.0/10
Date Added: 03.03.2019
Meeting Date : 03.03.2019
City: Brussels
Country: Belgium
Review : lies lies lies...this is NOT THE GIRL IN THE PHOTO. Not even close... Don't waste your time. I sent her back like a meal with a hair in it at a 5 star restaurant. read all >>
Escort Artemis
Hamburg, Germany
Currently has: 1
review by: dane49 (1)
Looks : 10.0/10
Services: 10.0/10
Date Added: 23.02.2019
Meeting Date : 17.02.2019
City: Hamburg
Country: Germany
Review : I met this girl last week. She looks exactly like the pictures with a petit sexy body, and with beautiful eyes. I had a great time with her and she really did what she could to make me happy. I can highly recommend her. read all >>
Escort Vanessa
Hong Kong Hot Escorts
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Currently has: 1
review by: sanjayjain (1)
Looks : 9.0/10
Services: 10.0/10
Date Added: 19.02.2019
Meeting Date : 15.09.2018
City: Hong Kong
Country: Hong Kong
Review : She is very beautiful and smiling and happy to provide services read all >>
Escort Jullyanne fitness
Paris, France
Currently has: 1
review by: paparazzi (3)
Looks : 9.0/10
Services: 9.0/10
Date Added: 13.02.2019
Meeting Date : 09.02.2019
City: Paris
Country: France
Review : Un ange descendu du ciel, très belle que dis je magnifique portugaise brésilienne, souriante, accueillante avec une cambrure whouaaaa et elle suce merveilleusement bienMais tout de suite a l'aise dès qu'on a passé la porte. Les prestations annoncées sont respectées aucun souci. je recommande forte... read all >>
Escort Natalia
Grande Prairie, Canada
Currently has: 2
review by: handsol0 (1)
Looks : 10.0/10
Services: 10.0/10
Date Added: 10.02.2019
Meeting Date : 06.02.2019
City: Grande Prairie
Country: Canada
Review : Had a great time. She's very genuine, and made me feel comfortable rather quickly, very easy to get along with. Her pics very accurately show what she looks like in person. She has a very great selection of services to keep one wanting to come back to try new things without judgement. She asked for... read all >>
Escort Savannah Stone
Calgary, Canada
Currently has: 1
review by: cartridgex (1)
Looks : 9.0/10
Services: 9.5/10
Date Added: 30.12.2018
Meeting Date : 27.12.2018
City: Calgary
Country: Canada
Review : Super comfortable read all >>

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