Tantric Shaman
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Hair Length:Short
Height:174 cm (5' 9")
Weight:67 kg (147 lbs)
Service for:Men
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Incall: Private apartment

Outcall: Hotel and home visits

About me

A Tantric HEALING Session for men who like men, is an opportunity to connect with your inner self, your intuitive side; by practicing conscious breathwork as you slowly allow kundalini energy (the creative, sensual energy stored at the base of the spine) to rise. Aided by drumming and other sounds and scents, my task is to create a safe bubble for you to practice letting go of control, allowing your mind to relax first and open up to receiving instead of always giving. For this is the way in which your feminine energy starts to balance out the always masculine force we’re used to exerting all the time.The balancing of both masculine and feminine energies within the body is at the core of my practice. Besides the sounds and scents I mentioned above, massage of specific areas of the body to allow fluidity is a key element as well. If you have a particular muscular pain, we will work together to release tension and allow you to feel more at ease, not only in the areas that bother most, but overall, in the physical, mental, spiritual and soul level.So, if what you’re looking for is a sense of transcending the habitual needs of the body; if you feel like your life has gotten a bit stuck; if you’re still carrying shame about pleasure; if you're looking for an alternative way to journey and let that experience help transform your outlook on your body, yourself and life itself; if what you need is to empower yourself with wisdom from within -- any and all of these are reasons why you and I should connect. I can help you, and if you’ve read this far, probably you and I are truly going to enjoy getting to know each other better.

Base city: New York City NY
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