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Ethnic:Caucasian (white)
Hair:Light brown
Hair Length:Short
Service for:Men
Available for:

Incall: Club/Studio

About me

I seek challenge and inspiration, and to touch the face of beauty that can only exist within the dynamic of a shared BDSM experience.

I have been actively participating in BDSM for all of my adult life… in this time I have learned much about myself and my desires, my boundaries, even about my motivations.

I am skilled and capable in the art of BDSM.

I take my training within this lifestyle very seriously, if you are an experienced player, you will find me well trained, and willing to please. If you are new I am more than happy to show you the ropes.

I enjoy a variety of activities within BDSM context, including:

Laughing: I enjoy tickle sessions, I will wiggle and writhe, trying to escape my predicament. I also enjoy laughing with you.

Spanking: with leather or wood paddles, though hand spankings will always be my favorite! I also enjoy a proper caning! I enjoy all levels of spanking, from light to heavy, whether it is lighthearted and fun or when used for corporal punishment!

Sensation Play: I excite at the feel of different sensations caressing my skin, from ice, to hot wax and oils, pinwheels, various clamps, chains, and complete body floggings.

Role Play: I enjoy being able to take on various roles, and find myself completely immersed in every role play encounter. Come escape reality with me.

Bondage: whether with leather straps and restraints, or intricate rope bondage, I really enjoy being in bondage, I find myself in subspace very quickly when put into a hog-tie. I love the feel of the ropes on my skin, and the deep impressions left, both on my skin and in my mind, when left in bondage for prolonged periods. I am also a very skilled rope top. I love mummification, encasement, body-bags, hoods, suspension, encasement, cellophane, caging,



Additional: I enjoy: tease and denial, sensory deprivation, foot fetish/worship, some forms of bastinado, crying, make-up, panties, stockings, shoes, smothering, trampling, fantasy wrestling, servitude and general serving, collar and leash training, and general training.
Agency: The Dominion
Base city: Los Angeles CA
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