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Ethnic:Caucasian (white)
Hair Length:Long
Service for:Men
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Incall: Club/Studio

About me

Exploring the edge of all experiences is what I live for. As a lifestyle Switch, my dark sadistic side and my innocent submissive side exist in perfect harmony. When I am in the Dominant role, I want to push your limits and bring you the euphoria that only comes with the delicate balance of pleasure and pain. When tables are turned and I am your submissive, I will gladly follow your orders and surrender to my punishments.

As a long-distance runner I have a petite, athletic frame, and endurance for both giving and receiving pain. While at first I may appear slight, my strike can be brutal and my ample behind can take a beating.

As a Dominant I wish to give you an experience that will linger in your mind long after you walk out our doors. Do you wish to have all your power stripped away so that you have only my voice to follow, my hand to fear and my will to bend to? I will make you my toy, my slave, and do with you what I please. Whether it’s taking you over my knee and giving you a good spanking, listening to the thud of the flogger beating against your back, or watching you try to wriggle away as I tickle you mercilessly, I will take great pleasure in your pain. I also thoroughly enjoy dressing up sissy boys in pretty girly clothing and makeup, having my perfectly formed size 7 feet worshiped, and humiliating those who cannot keep up with my demands.

As a submissive, I love to lose myself in the agony and ecstasy of BDSM play. I long for a firm, yet respectful master. One who commands obedience and delights in taking me to my limits. Riding crops, floggers, paddles and, of course, a firm hand, are some of my favorite tools of discipline. I am right at home with my hands and feet bound with restraints or rope, stretched out on the rack, or even with my body fully mummified. The feeling of hot wax dripping onto my soft skin, the grip of nipple clamps, and the sting of the violet wand, all excite me. Even the soft tickle of a feather will drive me crazy.

The area that I most excel in, however, is role-play. Even the most taboo scenario doesn’t scare me; in fact, I relish the chance to explore the dark side through play. I have a knack for coming up with unique and exhilarating scenarios and I never break character unless it’s absolutely necessary.

My priority in either role is to provide a safe space for you to live out your fantasies. Things that are perhaps impossible or impractical to play out in “real life”, we can play out here in a safe, sane and consensual manner. Soft and hard boundaries are always respected. If you have a particular fantasy in mind (especially if it requires certain outfits, makeup or nail polish), please email me ahead of time so that I can prepare in advance. I look forward to playing with you.


Agency: The Dominion
Base city: Los Angeles CA
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