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adventurous & promiscuous beauty
Ethnic:Caucasian (white)
Hair Length:Long
Height:172 cm (5' 8")
Cup size:B
Service for:Men
Available for:


Outcall: Hotel and home visits

About me

This young and shy female escorts is a joy to be around. Our next Houston professional entertainer is the girl you’ve been always looking for. Naive and gentle young lady is proudly introduced by us as a true example of pure beauty and ultimate kindness. That’s the case when unearthly beauty and intelligence are rolled into one – Miss Perfect, right? It’s not a big deal today to find a girl with a killer body, but to find a lifelike, warm-hearted and sweet beautiful lady might be pretty hard. In the filthy goddamn world we live in there aren’t many women who put kindness and care first. Modern young women are way too obsessed with finding their path in the world of work, making a fortune and getting involved into business. But what about men? Why it’s so hard to acknowledge our roles and settle for it? When did women start acting like men bossing around and taking every single thing under control? When did we forget about honesty and trust? Where i’m driving at, if you’re looking for a nice lady to have a date with, this elite outcall girl is what you need, because she radiates femininity, keeps men a good company and knows exactly how to boost your mood! If you’re a little bit an old-fashioned man who stuck in that time when men used to take charge of everything courting a woman, caring for her and simply making her life a living dream – just give us a call and make all your wishes come true! Don’t be shy, get the vibe, it’s going to be lit.    The city of Houston has a lot to offer, but nevertheless, plunging into the atmosphere of the unknown all by yourself doesn’t sound like a good idea at all! And that’s what our escort agency was meant for. You don’t have to wonder around the city on your own, ask people the nearest way to parks, clubs and etc. You don’t have to tackle these problems, because this is our responsibility. The only thing you should do is come up with a plan, note down all the places of interest you’re dying to see and pick up a companion. Simple as that, right? VIP escorts is meant to take care of its clients and provide them only with experiences of a lifetime. As unrivalled experts in this kind of business, we take our job very seriously making sure that each and every detail was born in mind. Our motto is “treat clients as kings”. Stick to the point, if you want to have a great date with a feminine and sweet girl, and this charming companion is the one.    Our sweet and innocent escort model from Houston is a very romantic creature who believes in fairy tales and soulmates. This cutie is a real finding – she runs mad after cooking, doing sports and learning new things. Impressive, huh? This Houstonian babe spends her time reading classic literature, working as a fashion model and traveling around the world. These are her favorite pastimes. As for modeling, she was simply meant for gracing magazines’ covers – she’s so damn gorgeous! Nelly’s adorable doll face and a stunning beauty will drive any man out of his senses! She’s got a mix of wit and femininity, beauty and generosity. She never criticizes people she’s friends with and never sets rumors, this is not so her. Nelly doesn’t play games and hates people who pretend as if they were someone else. So if you want to make friends with this young lady, you’d better tell the truth and be easy-going, because honesty and cheerfulness are the things she values the most. This first-class sexy female Houston escorts will definitely blow your mind with her fresh and positive outlook on life. Just be yourself around her, don’t lie, don’t brag and show off how cool you are. That’s all bullshit! Nelly likes men who can talk about anything and everything, make her laugh and evoke a smile on her face, who are willing to dance all night long, take a stroll around the city or simply come up with some kind of crazy plan. Go big or go home, buddy. That’s the rule to stick to.    “What’s the point in being dabble-faced? I always speak my mind out loud, I don’t like liars. Honesty makes life much better and easier, right? My clients appreciate me for being myself. It’s always nice to have a heart-to-heart talk with somebody who you trust. They don’t feel being judged around me, and that’s what counts after all. I treat my clients the way I want them to treat me. And this is the best policy I could ever come up with. Being a human isn’t simple, you should do no wrong to people you care for. Working as elite personal escort in such a human city as Houston I feel like living my life to the fullest. You will ask why, firstly, I really enjoy what i’m doing. Secondly, I meet great people, brilliant ones. And thirdly, I enjoy spending time with my clients! I might be shy at the very beginning of our date but at the end you will know all my true colors! So if you want to have a good date, I mean, a really great one, you’d better choose me over girls. You will know why”, and smart girl says smiling.

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Base city: Houston TX
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