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young & beautiful kitten
Ethnic:Caucasian (white)
Hair:Light brown
Hair Length:Long
Height:172 cm (5' 8")
Cup size:C
Service for:Men
Available for:


Outcall: Hotel and home visits

About me

Mia, at her 24, is a well-rounded girl who’s pretty much keen on sports and water activities. Have a look at this gorgeous body – God kissed her on the cheek having given her such an extremely feminine body and a slightly hoarse voice. This first-class female escorts from Houston is s-s-smocking hot! Soft creamy skin, silky wavy-textured hair, sweet smile fitting across the lips – guaranteed, she will blow your mind.
    The kindness on her angelic face and electricity crackled deep down inside will make you feel like walking on air.
    Mia, dressed up to the nines, is obsessing over fashion and Vogue magazines. This gorgeous Houston babe is always on fash. Shopping online and choosing outfits are her favorite pastimes. So girlish, yeah? But don’t jump into conclusions! This cutie is anything but simple – she’s a very educated girl who knows a couple of foreign languages and has seen much of the world. And what is more, she behaves like a businesswoman, never ever mincing her words! In a nutshell, this beautiful young woman is a classic example of high-rate escort at your disposal. Mia has fine manners, that’s why taking her to a highbrow event you will never be ashamed of your companion. You will definitely want to get to know this young lady. So if you’re fed up living a dull life in Houston or even worse, you’re a new in the city, then give us a call and get yourself acquainted with this girl of intelligence and beauty! You have my word, this lady knows how to paint the town red!
    In her spare time this outcall girl prefers to do yoga, pilates and jogging. Mia strongly feels that sports help her be in a good shape and generate positive thoughts which is so damn important! “Sports boost your energy and help you keep your head above the water when something goes wrong. Sports plays a crucial role in my life, it really does! Whenever I feel down, I go to gym so as to get rid of this bad vibe and feel much better. It sounds like a good idea to me. And what is more, men like girls who are fit and healthy, don’t they? So being in a good shape is one of the perks of working out. I do know how sexy i’m and sometimes I boast of it. I know the way men are looking at me, they’re dreaming about me and wanting me to keep them a company. It gives me a thrill”, says young escort model with a big grin on her face.     She goes on talking, “Men always hit on me, I can see their eyes all over my sexy body. If you asked me about the best thing a man can do to a woman, i’d answer – to get inside her head and make her imagination spinning. It’s very important for people to have a click right from the start. Well, let me explain it, if a man cannot make me laugh, there’s a slight chance i’ll fall on him. I like funny and easy-going men who are not afraid of making jokes, laughing hard and being themselves, which is damn important! No girl wants to have a date with some kind of a double-faced man, that’s no lit at all. If a man has a good sense of humor, he can easily attract my attention and turn my world upside down! Knowing how to court a woman in a right way is a must in today’s world we live in. Appearance doesn’t matter at all, believe me. Beauty may attract attention, but personality always wins the hearts. Here, in Houston, the city of never-ending parties and highbrow events, it’s no a big deal to find a handsome man, but the question is – would you want to have a date with a stupid Calvin Klein model who doesn’t give a damn about you? A man who looks like a Greek god who was cut out for unsettling minds of happily married women and fill their minds with lust? A man who keeps on talking about his life, his aspirations and his goals, he doesn’t want to know about you, because he’s the only one you’re going to talk about. Would you like to spend an evening with such a man? I guess the answer is hell absolutely no. So where I am driving at, openness, kindness and good sense of humor are those traits of character that will win any woman, believe me”.
    Mia draws a conclusion, “You know what? When I meet my clients, one-night stand is the thing they never want, kindness, attention and care is what they’re looking for, That’s because a modern woman has changed. She puts her career goals first, seeks for business opportunities and devotes all her time to self-development. And what about private life? Unfortunately, it’s lost and forgotten. She doesn’t need a man to fulfill tasks when she herself is capable of it, right? So, the thing is today men are deprived of love, care and kindness, and that’s why they go to escort agencies. So if you feel like having a romantic date or going out tonight, just pick your date and give us a call, and you will be on walking on air, because our professional entertainers know exactly how to brighten your life and boost your energy! I hope I’ve made my point.”

  • Fitness girl
Agency: VIP Escorts Agency
Base city: Houston TX
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