Hairy Nikki Silver
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Ethnic:Caucasian (white)
Pubic hair:All natural
Height:173 cm (5' 8")
Cup size:D
Service for:Men, Women, Couples, Trans
Favorite Cuisine:Persian, Japanese, Peruvian, good Italian, Farm to Table, Vegan, French
Favorite Flower:White Asiatic Lilies, Iris’s, Queen Anne’s Lace, Alstroemeria, Snap dragons, Anemones, white Gladiolas, purple Lisianthus, blue Delphinium, cedar, white pine, eucalyptus, ferns.
Interests:I live for the outdoors. In my ‘off time’ (and often ‘on’ time as well!) I swim, garden, go on hikes, travel, kayak, etc. Just check out my twitter - xnikkisilverx to keep tabs on what I’m up to and where I’ll be next.
Other Hobbies:Swimming! (does your hotel have a pool?), SF Convservatory of Flowers, Monterrey Bay Aquarium, SF Zoo, Hot Tub/Spa time, Fine Dining, Strolling through Pretty Places
About me

Hello! I’m Jezebel Jay, also known as Nikki Silver, the infamous Hairy Queen of the internet…

I am a woman with many names, and more than a few sides to my dynamic personality. You can call me Jezebel.

I am an experienced and confident provider as well as a self made porn star, traveller, artist, all around adventurer and dreamer. I love carefully curating my site and my sessions to be the most ideally enjoyable, fulfilling and genuine for myself and my clients.

When we meet you’ll be surprised at how relaxed and engaged I am with you. I laugh easily and often, am naturally affectionate and I have been told time and again that my brilliant, hazel eyes are mesmerizing.

I’ve always been a highly sensual person and passionate about many things, including but not limited to the sensual. In a society that encourage self repression; I am the antidote.

I have many sides to myself; from goofy girlfriend to commanding goddess, and everything in between. Indeed I frequently oscillate between being very silly and fun, and firm and powerfull.

I enjoy being effortlessly dominant, of imposing my will on others with softly whispered commands and my unique, feminine power of seduction. I have a firm hand and a disarming confidence that will bring you to your knees.

Though I have a big personality and bring that to my sessions I truly enjoy the more therapeutic aspects of being a provider. If you have something you would like to work through or explore I’d love to hold your hand through it and have lots of experience in that type of work. Please don’t be afraid to tell me your insecurities or think that you need to ‘impress’ me.

Now onto the physical. You can see what I look like in photos but I think my vision of myself is worth sharing.

My body is sumptuous and soft, yearning for your attentive touch. I stand 5’6” though many think I am taller because of my commanding presence. I have tanned, olive toned skin. My background is Italian and Jewish in true New York fashion. My hazel eyes will glean with delight while you run you hands through my dark silken hair. I have effortless and very active smile. My breasts are a generous 34D, my body is more on the athletic side, with strong thighs leading up to a round butt. My body hair is a deep brown/black and has been growing(untrimmed and unshaved) for 6+ years flowing all down my body. From my curly armpit hair, to a line of hair on my stomach, onto my fit thighs and especially thick on my calves. I’ve been growing out the hair on my head for the last few years and it now reaches the middle of my back. It is a beautiful deep brown and naturally wavy.

I do not use any chemicals on my body or hair, I never wear deodorant, and occasionally use essential oils like cacao or jasmine, and coconut oil. I live a healthy lifestyle; I don’t smoke tobacco, barely drink and get lots of exercise, sunshine and healthy food.

I am the natural goddess of your dreams.

I love my life, I am very blessed but I am also highly driven. I have created a magical world for myself of freedom and pleasure; join me?

I have many reviews which are linked to on my personal website, (link in this ad.)

Please email me to book a session in the SF Bay Area or to get on my travel mailing lists.


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