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A very attractive escort lady
Ethnic:Caucasian (white)
Hair:Light brown
Hair Length:Long
Height:168 cm (5' 6")
Cup size:B
Service for:Men
Available for:


Outcall: Hotel and home visits

About me

Young and lovely escort bombshell Evangelina is something to crave for. She is a girl of unearthly beauty – a thin waist, wide hips, fragile cleavage and full rosy lips. You will be slayed just by looking at her soft tanned skin, seductive smile fitting across the lips. There is no doubt that God kissed her on the cheek having given her such a feminine figure and silky straight-textured hair. Yeah, impressed? These are her – would you be able to resist such a temptation? Oh, come on, buddy, you would not. But be ready, this gentle Houston chick is anything but simple. As for her character, there is some kind of electricity crackled within her that will make you feel like an adventurer looking for something really worthy. One of our favorite female escorts knows how to deal with mean – she behaves bossy and never ever minces her words. This is not so her. Cheeky Evangelina is used to tell things straight – she does hate telling lies and setting rumors. She is a very straightforward girl with some kind of poisonous attitude. To cut the story short, she’s a sassy girl with class. Get ready for a bumpy ride, but damn it, she’s worth it!
    This savage from Houston is pretty much into parties and hangouts. She’s always dressed spick and span – always on a fash. You’ve probably already noticed that. She considers her glamorous life one of the most vital pastimes. Evangelina is way too cool to stay at home lazing around. Dancing till dawn and getting high – that’s what really whets her appetite to life and makes her crave for more. Believe me, once you taste this Houstonian hotness, you will crave for more. She’s one of the kind.
    In her spare time this young escort model likes doing different kinds of sports from yoga, pilates, on out to jogging, swimming, skiing and so on. She takes sports very seriously thinking it keeps her alive and makes her body even more hotter. She does sports with some kind of determination – she does it willingly understanding how important it is. It’s not all keeping her body in a good shape and reliving stress, it’s way more. She does sports on a regular basis to be in a harmony with her inner self. Evangelina truly believes that these activities help her going through daily routine and keep her energetic.
    «I do love sports, various kinds of it, frankly speaking. As you have already noticed, I like different things and I cannot settle just for one. I want them all. And I don’t think it’s a bad thing, because it is definitely not. I hate boredom and all the things related to it. I cannot go a single day without a list of parties I should visit! It’s so much fun! Just think about the opportunities you have over there! You can meet a great number of talented people from artists, singers, models, hosts on out to sportsman and movie starts. Isn’t it great? I love talking to strangers, oh, I mean I really do! Communication is a key, remember? Getting to know new people is always fun. You never know where it may lead. I consider life a train – you’ve got one way ticket and you have no clue where this train will get you. The only way is to enjoy the ride», beautiful girl points out brushing her silky hair.
    She goes on talking, «Why do I love my job? Working as an elite escort in the city of Houston I can meet a lot of interesting people. I have a brilliant chance to get to know them, right? I just want to point out that all men that I have ever met somehow changed my life in a good way. And I do value it. I enjoy hearing their stories, spending my time with them over a drink or something. I know how to entertain them and keep them a good company. Putting clients first is my top priority. I always listen to my clients and let them have a choice. This is them who decide what we’re doing. If my client is up on going to a posh club and dancing there all night long – I’m all for it. If he feels like going to a highbrow event with his counterparts – why not? Let’s have fun until we’re young.
     In a word, as VIP escorts here in Houston I get a lot of fun, believe me, I really do. There’s nothing better than being on a date with a well-rounded man or a savage from Taxes. They all are different, and it makes me lose my mind. I love what I’m doing and I’m never going to quit», Evangelina sums up grinning.

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  • All natural
  • Fitness girl
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