Edie Eros
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Incall Rates
1 hour: 700 USD
2 hours: 1,000 USD
3 hours: 1,400 USD
4 hours: 1,800 USD
6 hours: 2,500 USD
8 hours: 3,000 USD
24 hours: 6,000 USD
48 hours: 10,000 USD
72 hours: 12,000 USD
overnight : 4,000 USD
Outcall Rates
1 hour: 700 USD
2 hours: 1,000 USD
3 hours: 1,400 USD
4 hours: 1,800 USD
6 hours: 2,500 USD
8 hours: 3,000 USD
24 hours: 6,000 USD
48 hours: 10,000 USD
72 hours: 12,000 USD
overnight : 4,000 USD
COUPLES: Add $200 (2 hour minimum) OUT CALL: Listed rates are for inner Portland (and up to a 15 minute drive from downtown PDX). Extra gratuity and travel compensation may be requested in other areas and for longer distances. I am available for exclusive travel (domestic and international), contact me directly to inquire about longer bookings. See "Exclusive Travel" for more details. A deposit may be required for dates over 3 hours, habitual cancellations and new clients. Overnight dates include at least 6 hours of sleep. EXCLUSIVE TRAVEL: I have an insatiable case of wanderlust and am a savvy traveler. I love any excuse to jet set and would be delighted to meet you in your city or join you for some exotic wayfaring. All posted rates above are for bookings in PDX only (and up to 15 mins away from downtown PDX). If you wish to see me outside of my natural habitat I will need accommodations to be taken care of and a 50% deposit as well as advance payment of travel expenses for exclusive travel arrangements. I require an additional $100 per hour of travel a minimum booking based on travel time Domestic: 2 hours for up to 1 hour travel 4 hours for up to 2 hours travel 8 hours for up to 3 hours travel 12 hours for up to 4 hours travel Airborne & International Trips: First/Business Class seating 8 hour minimum for Domestic travel 48 hour minimum for International travel Remaining balance due before departure "Travel time" is inclusive of all door-to-door transport (driving, air, layovers, cab, and etc.). MEET & GREET / PUBLIC SCREENING: This is strictly for friendly social events and platonic public encounters that do not involve role play, fantasy or PDA's and must be paid for in advance via PayPal if your screening status is incomplete. 1 hour: $200 (includes local out call compensation)
Travel Rates & Conditions
Travel Destinations
Worldwide (including USA)
Status message
Tiny dancer, fancy romancer, muse extraordinaire
Hair Length:Medium
Height:155 cm (5' 1")
Weight:45 kg (99 lbs)
Cup size:A
Shoe size:4
Dress size:35
Service for:Men
Available for:

Incall: Private apartment

Outcall: Hotel and home visits

About me

My name is Edie. I'm a delectable inspiritress, titillating temptress, sensuous mistress, erotic pocket rocket. I'm the whole package in a luscious lil' frame. This sultry sizzle sauce dame wants to know your name. I've got the magic when you need some honey. With our passions ignited, inspiration is guaranteed. I'm just what the witch doctor ordered...


I'm definitely not "the girl next door". I'm the one you can never quite figure out or catch up to. I'm a creature governed by higher minded dictates and heart centered caprice. You can find me on the fringe of the consensus, always riding the cusp of escapade and mystery. I'm a Dionysian disco dervish, patron of metaphysics and devotee of synchronicity. I'm a tea connoisseur, avid reader, yoga lover, poet, performance artist, songstress and intermediate sybarite with a background in dance and various holistic therapies (which serves to amply compliment my other capabilities). I'm your Venusian dream nymph come true; a sweet heathen who enjoys healthy eats, quality absinthe, good sipping tequila, fine wine, spending lots of time in nature, active outdoor activities and all of the cultured metropolitan delights the city has to offer.


I pride myself on my incendiary fervor for life, my continued personal evolution and ineptitude for boredom. I laugh a lot and am an engaging conversationalist with a witty sense of humor. I offer a unique and revitalizing experience which may include ambient music, candle lighting and me lavishing you with natural oils and a stellar sensual body rub.


I invite you into my domain where our most authentic truths reign. I entreat you to share time with me in an alternate otherworldly dimension, where our senses are heightened and our bodies blissfully enlivened. No matter how fleeting it may be in the grand scheme of things that our orbits do align, we might both be transformed forever, and for the better in as many ways as our hearts so desire…

  • Petite
Base city: Portland OR
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