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2 hours: 600 EUR (~679 USD)
3 hours: 750 EUR (~848 USD)
4 hours: 850 EUR (~961 USD)
6 hours: 1,050 EUR (~1,188 USD)
8 hours: 1,250 EUR (~1,414 USD)
12 hours: 1,450 EUR (~1,640 USD)
16 hours: 1,700 EUR (~1,923 USD)
24 hours: 2,200 EUR (~2,488 USD)
48 hours: 3,300 EUR (~3,732 USD)
TRAVEL EXPENSES Hamburg 0 Euro / min 2h Bremen 100 Euro / min 3h Hannover 100 Euro / min 3h Bielefeld 120 Euro / min 4h Ruhr Region 160 Euro / min 4h Berlin 180 Euro / min 4h Bonn 230 Euro / min 6h Cologne 230 Euro / min 6h Frankfurt 260 Euro / min 6h Nuremberg 280 Euro / min 8h Stuttgart 300 Euro / min 10h Munic 350 Euro / min 10h
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so delicate and graceful, with a sweet smile and dreamy eyes!
Ethnic:Caucasian (white)
Hair Length:Long
Height:168 cm (5' 6")
Dress size:32
Service for:Men
Available for:

Outcall: Hotel and home visits

Interests:making music. concerts. dancing. yoga. traveling. good food. walks in nature. spa and sauna. sun. humor and laughing. fashion. art. culture. history. wines. ingel.
About me

Seeing her standing in front of you – so delicate and graceful, with a sweet smile and dreamy eyes, you cannot help but wonder, if there are some surprises to be found behind this way too charming appearance. 

Indeed, there are, for Cléo is anything but boring; she is unique, creative and even a little crazy.

Becoming an adult? This is not for Cléo…well not entirely. She embraces the pleasures of adulthood, like, for example, deep conversations over a glass of sparkling champagne, or good, intense sex. 

However, this escort lady will not stop playing only because she is no child anymore. Only now the whole world is Cléo’s playground. She dwells in it, exploring it with passion and openness…however, she might as well take her explorations to a soft hotel bed. What is there to explore and experience? Cléo knows it. She loves it. She enjoys it. 

The escort lady from Hamburg might be childlike and playful, however, she is not childish, nor is she immature. Cléo’s character is mature enough to make her an elegant, eloquent and empathetic companion, who is able to challenge her vis-à-vis during an intelligent conversation. 

Maybe this escort lady will still be caught being playful during a deep conversation – but this is only to ignite a joyful anticipation in her partner. 

Your expectations will certainly be met, for Cléo has a deep desire for uninhibited passion and devotion. This tender creature can be wild and dirty. She loves freedom and doesn’t allow anyone to limit her. Nevertheless, she might let you tame her for a while, so that she could lose control during the moments of ecstasy and purr softly into your ear afterwards.   

Cléo: “With me you will experience real lust, not some kind of show…unless we are talking about a strip show, that I would enjoy as much as you, because I love dancing and I do it best with a dash of sexappeal.

Not only in bed is honesty important for this escort lady from Hamburg, but in every other situation as well. In spite of that, she is often frivolous, cheeky, quick-witted and funny – laughing does make one happy after all. 

The life that Cléo loves is full of adventures to dive in. Maybe you want to experience one of them with her?

Agency: Never Forget
Base city: Hamburg
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