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sensual and playful babe
Ethnic:Caucasian (white)
Hair Length:Long
Height:172 cm (5' 8")
Cup size:C
Service for:Men
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Outcall: Hotel and home visits

About me

 Carolina is a smoking hot girl who knows how to turn your world upside down. This glamorous chick is anything but disappointment! A tempting smile, sparkling eyes and lovely black tresses – the face of an angel, the body of a devil. She has a striking figure and a sassy temper. Do you feel like having a date with this Houston bomb?
    At her 23 she’s already achieved many goals and built up quite a career. This gorgeous escort girl is not only pretty but clever – you’ll see for yourself. No bragging, she’s a high-flier, she knows what she wants and focuses her aspirations. This tempting lady from Houston goes for traveling and has already been to a great number of countries. Would you believe it? Since she learnt English and French, only the sky above was a limit for her. She strongly feels that traveling enriches minds and changes the outlook on life. Languages and trips are her favorite pastimes, really. If you ask young woman to go on a trip with you, she will definitely say yes and start packing things. What a good companion, huh? A brilliant one. Carolina says that it’s not people who take trips, it’s trips that take people. «I’m so grateful to life for all those opportunities I’ve had! I’ve been to so many countries and met so many people, they all left a mark in my life. You know what? Everybody comes into our life at an opportune time, I do believe in it! Some people are blessings, others are lessons. Each and every moment matters. And what is more, everything happens for a reason», one of our favorite Houston escorts says, biting her full rosy lips.
    She goes on talking, «Have you ever had a dream? That’s the question I like to ask. Everybody should have a dream. Life is so damn miserable without dreams, isn’t it? The point is, you should dream big, because the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. You may say that it’s hard to achieve something. And I know exactly what you’re talking about! You dreams don’t become reality at overnight. It takes determination, sweat and hard work. You should be industrious as hell to make your dream real, that’s where I’m driving at. You’ll ask me what my biggest dream is – well, I’ve always wanted to become a flight attendant. It was my wildest fantasy. And I’m still working on it. To become an air hostess I’ve learnt two languages – English and French. Yeah, it wasn’t easy at all, but whoever said it would be? It’s worth doing that’s why I’m taking pains to do my best. The thing is that you should devote yourself to an idea, and then go make it happen! What are you waiting for? Life isn’t a bed of roses, your dreams won’t become reality through magic. You should struggle on your dreams and overcome fears. Just keep in mind - winners never quit and quitters never win, that’s what I wanted to say».
    «What is more, dreaming makes you a better person. Well, let’s take me. I was a small town girl with a big dream. And I’ve become a decent woman with vision. Isn’t it great? As for my job, I like being an escort girl, I mean, I really do. It feels great to help my clients move out of their comfort zones and make a change in their lives. As soon as they pursue their dreams, their lives wake up and everything has meaning. Working as a professional entertainer takes a lot of strength and patience, but still I like it immensely. Felling that you brighten a day of your client whets my appetite to life and keeps me in great spirits throughout a day. I make their dreams come true, and I’m not hinting at their sexual fantasies, I’m talking about bigger things that matters a lot. I remind them that they are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream. The problem of modern men is in over thinking. They question every single thing they have. And you know what? Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. All I’m so worked up about is my clients making their wishes and dreams real. I want them to believe in their dreams, because they were given to them for a reason. No matter where are they from, their dreams are valid. And I keep on saying it every single date we have. I personally believe in miracles, I mean, I really do. And all I want is to make my clients live their lives to the fullest and believe in miracles. They do happen. But you start going for it. They actually start to happen when you give as much energy to your dreams and wishes as you do to your fears. Together we’re capable of everything. So we set a goal and go for it. Just keep on dreaming, because one day it will come true», gorgeous Houston escorts says, grinning.

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