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Top 6 Ways to Achieve Amazing Orgasms


Have you experienced deep frustration because you couldn’t achieve the big O during your sessions with different clients? We know how annoying that can be, and how much of a damper it puts on the whole situation. Instead of enjoying amazing pleasure, you have to fake it, or you itch to go home and be done with it.

Our first tip when this happens: don’t let it get to you. Our second, third, fourth tip and so on answer your question on how to avoid getting frustrated when you can’t orgasm. Let’s see how you can make sex pleasurable again not only for him/her, but for you, too!

Sex is about escapism

Besides helping you create a connection with the guy or girl you are with, and being tons of fun, sex helps you forget all sorts of problems. If your client is stimulating you during your encounter but you’re sure you won’t orgasm any time soon, let your mind tell you that you’re being pleasured by your favorite actor or actress. It’s a sure way of getting your pulse racing as you start riding straight into O town!

Communication is essential

Once the clothes come off on both sides, tell your partner what you need them to do to help you climax. He or she will then know how to touch you in all the right places and give you the satisfaction you crave. And by doing that, they will also enjoy the time spent with you so much better. In case you’re not one to communicate that much during sex, let them know they’re close to reaching your G-spot by letting out a moan or any other sound you’re comfortable doing.

Keep it fun and naughty

If you’re at your client’s place and you’ve just finished a good wine and dine session, turn the TV on and watch a sexy movie with them. Make sure it has a lot of steamy action, because nine out of 10 times, looking at other people going at it on a screen will make you want to tear off each other’s clothes and have sex right then and there.

Another sure way to build up the tension: go to the cinema. During the movie you’re watching with your date, have him touch your pussy while you gently rub his dick. It will be hard not to orgasm on the spot, ladies and gentlemen. Being around so many people in a small place is also going to make things more exciting!

Do your Kegel exercises, ladies

Kegel exercises were sent from heaven to help women experience an earth-shattering climax when they’re with a man. To reach pleasure land when you’re on your date, you need to remember to do those Kegel exercises daily.

First, find the muscles that are required for this workout, ladies. To make it easier for you: go to the toilet, stop your pee mid-flow and… voilà! Girls, meet your pelvic floor muscles. Pelvic floor muscles, meet your mistress. Next, place a mat on the floor, sit on your back and squeeze your newly found pelvic muscles as hard as you can. Now hold them. Our advice is to do the Kegel exercises a maximum of three-four times a day.

Sex positions for a great orgasm

No matter how adventurous you want to be in bed, on the couch, or the kitchen table, nothing can beat three oldies, but goodies sex positions. They are, in no particular order, as follows: mish, doggy style, and woman on top. Your vagina and his penis will have some of the best angles of penetration ever invented in the history of sex. Throw that Kama Sutra book out the window and use ye old faithful positions instead.

Masturbation is your best friend

Guys love to dish out on their favorite ways to rub the monkey. Ladies…not so much, but many of them do play with their sweet spots. Masturbation makes it super easy to understand your needs and how to satisfy them. If you want to start practicing it, we recommend taking it slow. Explore your erogenous zones – like your butt, boobs, lips, neck, the inside of your thighs, your vagina – before you reach the best part, your clitoris. Play around and pretty soon you’ll feel the sort of pleasure you never knew you could feel on your own.


Sometimes, it can be really hard to achieve an orgasm. We know your pain, which is why today we talked about the best ways to experience complete bliss with your partner or alone. Let us know if they help by leaving a comment below.

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