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The 5 types of lovers you should avoid, as an escort


Working as an escort means you have to deal with a whole bunch of different people, talking to them, offering them your time, your attention and your full dedication. And that also means that you’re bound to run into some very nasty type of men, the ones that once you recognize, you should keep your distance from, because they are bad news and they will only complicate your life as an escort.

Identifying these men should not be that difficult, especially when you’ve been in this industry for some time and you’ve started to identify your client’s type just after a few minutes into the date.

Not only the newer clients should be carefully screened for a type of behaviour that could do you harm, but also the regular ones, that when they start to feel comfortable enough in your presence, they may start showing their true nature.

Here are the main 5 types of lovers that can be toxic to you. Each person can change this list with the types of dates that they feel threatened by or uncomfortable around with, so the list is volatile, according to your own personality, needs and boundaries!

1.      The Downer

You all must have met at least once in your life a guy with such a pessimistic attitude on life, that simply made you feel total despair and hopelessness, by the end of your time together. These are the downers, that type of man that recharges himself by filling you with his negativity and that feels better only by putting you down.

And this is the type of lover that you should avoid, even if he is a regular or an extremely generous client, because his pessimistic way of being will only burden you, draining you of energy, making you incapable of doing your escort job at the highest standards.

Usually, after spending some time in the company of a downer, you are lacking the energy and the positivity to keep on with your daily schedule, while he is leaving refreshed and satisfied, and that is not good business for you!

The downer will suck the happiness out of you with his negative mindset, so stay away from him.

2.      The Controller

This type of lover just needs to control every aspect of your time together and easily tries to insinuate himself into your personal life, by offering you his attention and trying to prove himself indispensable to you.

He wants to have a say in everything you do, during your time together and he wants to have things done exactly his way. Usually, when he contacts you for a date he doesn’t tolerates being postponed or rejected for another time or day. He wants to see you where and when he decides.

This is a toxic type of date, that you should try to avoid as much as possible. Remember that you are your own boss and that the great thing of being an independent escort is being able to choose your partners and your schedule. You don’t need an entitled guy telling you what, where and when to be or how to act.

3.      The Abusive Date

If you are not into hardcore sex and you haven’t mentioned anything about role playing or submissive/dominant games, then you shouldn’t accept any kind of request than involves an abusive behaviour from your date’s behalf towards you.

And keep in mind that the abuse doesn’t have to be only physical, it can also be verbal. If he feels aroused only by being dominant towards you, raising his voice and making you feel small and insignificant, or if he wants to take the dominance to a more physical level, then darling you are in a toxic relationship with your client and you should leave it immediately.

Do not take more than you are willing to, just for the sake of making your date happy or for keeping your regular coming back for more. Because once an abusive partner gets to act on his impulses, he will always want more and more from you and that will turn you into a victim.

4.      The Insecure Partner

This partner simply drains you of energy with his constant need of reassurance and attention and if he books you more than once during a week, that can be really tiresome for you, and you can’t afford to clear your entire agenda for just one date!

Also, an insecure type of lover can grow to be even more insecure, because of your line of work, where you get to meet new guys every day. And that will drive him to put extra pressure on you during your time together and event to get special treatment from your behalf. And you can’t afford to walk on egg shells with such a client, so it’s better to avoid this type of lover, as much as possible.

5.      The Manipulative

If you have a client that lies or manipulates you into doing things his way, then darling this is another type of toxic relationship that you don’t want to have with your regulars. Set boundaries and rules and try to stick to them as much as possible. This way you are sending a clear message regarding the type of escort you are and regarding your list of acceptable services.

Do not fall for the “just this once” trick, or for the “I’m so hurt” bullshit and you will be safe from manipulative lovers.


Always follow your instincts, take a step back if you’re feeling that things are heating up between you and one of your clients, constant analyse the type of relationship you have with all your regulars and do some cleaning up, if you feel that some of your dates are crossing the lines you’re imposing!
Also, do not accept exceptions from your rules, because you will create a precedent with your dates.

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