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The 5 most common DIET MYTHS debunked


The diet universe has no limits when it comes to new trends, “magical” remedies for burning fat and do’s and don’ts that will turn you into a supermodel. So, in this vast world called dieting, how can we differentiate what is actually good for us and our bodies and what is in fact just a myth that will lead you to desperation and unfulfilled expectations?

Here are a couple of the most common diet myths debunked by nutritionists. Take a look and use the info to sort through the vast quantity of information existing out there, when it comes to keeping fit and losing weight.

Myth no.1 Forget dairy milk, cause nut milk is better!

Well ladies, apparently this is just a myth, cause the reasons for drinking dairy milk are connected to the calcium and protein intake that this kind of milk provides us with. So, if we start replacing dairy milk with nuts milk, we will not get the same amount of calcium or proteins, in fact, the nut milk has zero protein or calcium, unless it is added to the composition.

The nutritionist’s advice is to go for the nuts milk only when you have an intolerance to dairy milk.

Myth no.2 Fruits are high in sugars and are making you fat!

Yes, fruits do contain sugar but it is in its natural form, un processed and in small quantities. So, if you want to lose some weight and you think that the sugar in fruits is the one that is slowing down your weight losing process, think at that juice you’ve had earlier, that lollipop you enjoyed and that delicious biscuit that you ate thinking that it can’t do too much damage to your silhouette.

All those contain processed sugars that are way more dangerous than the sugar you get from eating a banana, a peach or a piece of pineapple!

Myth no.3 Carbs are the enemy!

Carbs have been getting a bad rep because of their association with weight gain. But cutting carbs from your diet, as part of getting all slim and fit is not the best strategy, because carbs play their part in our diet, the only problem is the way we eat and associate them with other foods.

Did you know that carbs are the ones that are helping you keep your energy level high? Or the ones responsible for you perfect bowel movement? Yes, eating the right kind of carbs – like sweet potato or wholemeal pasta, can help you keep a high energy level and a low appetite!

Myth no. 4 Replace sugar with artificial sweeteners!

Replacing sugar with artificial sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose or saccharin is a very big mistake when you’re trying to lose weight! The explanations is quite simple: our body responds to sweeteners the same way it responds to sugar, activating the taste receptors and releasing insulin to break down sugar into glucose and move it into the cells to produce energy. But sweeteners do not contain sugar, so the insulin will remove whatever amount of sugar it finds in the blood, causing glucose levels to drop and the hunger sensation to appear.

So, using sweeteners instead of sugar will only make you feel hungry and will make you crave for more food!

Myth no.5 Eat only when you’re hungry

Skipping a meal is not the answer to weight loss, on the contrary, by skipping a meal you tend to over eat when you feel hungry and indulge with the wrong foods. Spacing food evenly throughout the day is the answer, because you will tend to eat less, more balanced meals, feel more energised and have fewer mood swings!


Maintain a healthy lifestyle and protect yourself from all the myths that surround the topic of weight loss and dieting. Read a lot, before taking for granted everything you see promoted as the latest trend in being slim and consult a nutritionist for more information on the topic.

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