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Sex during your period - how you can make that work!


Being an elite escort is a full-time job that requires your full attention and involvement. Having a personal life, your own social agenda or a sick leave is, most of the times, a beautiful dream, that has nothing to do with the reality of the escorting world.

Having your period, month after month, and suffering from menstrual cramps and PMS, are things that can take you out of the game, making you unavailable for your regulars, or those amazing dates that you wouldn’t want to miss for anything in the world. That’s why, an escort has to be creative and maintain her availability in the escort dating world, even during those nasty, heavy flow days, when all you want to do is crawl under the blanket and just stay there till the pain is over.

Dealing with pain is easy, because there are so many drugs on the market, especially designed for menstrual cramps, dealing with PMS is also doable, especially when you are a professional, and you know how to keep your mood swings under control, and you have some comfort food to grab on to.

But, dealing with the messy, menstrual flow is another problem, that needs your special attention, because no one wants to get so close and personal with what happens down there, during your period.

So, there are a couple of tricks you can use, so that you can stay sexually active during your period, without grossing out your date for the night. Here is how you can make sex fun and clean, during your menstruation:

Gear up with some very useful items, that will make having sex during your period way less messy. And we are talking about some specially designed tampons, that keeps all the fluids inside your body and a pretty awesome invention, a sex blanket that absorbs all liquid and moisture, keeping the bed clean.

1.      The Flex Tampons

These fancy looking tampons are actually a menstrual barrier, shaped in a soft, round form, that acts by blocking your cervix, so that no blood can leak out of your vagina during sex. The Flex tampon can be worn for up to 12 hours and his soft, flexible shape makes is unnoticeable for your partner, during sex.

But, keep in mind that this tampon doesn’t protect you from unwanted pregnancies or from getting an STI from your partner. So, use it in parallel, with a birth control method and a condom.

2.      The Liberator Sex Blanket

If you are doing an incall, using this amazing sex blanket is easy, because you just put it on your bed, before your date arrives. If you are doing an outcall, you can discreetly ask your date to give you some privacy, to set the mood.

The Liberator sex blanket not only does it look sexy and luxurious, having two sides, a microfiber one and a satin one, but it also has a moisture-proof barrier, soaking up liquid.

So, use it during your menstruation days and you’ll enjoy some mess-free sex with your dates.

Shower sex is your best friend

During the heavy flow days, when sex is usually of the table, but you still have dates to attend, shower sex is your best friend. It is clean, hygienic and it allows the blood to disappear, without leaving unpleasant traces. So, use shower sex as a safe method of satisfying your date, while keeping it all nice and clean.

Stick to the classic poses

No cowboy sex pose for you, dear lady, during period sex. Instead, stick to the classics, the missionary and the spooning, if you want to keep everything clean. Remember that gravity is doing its job and being in a vertical position will only make things worse, by allowing your menstrual blood to leak out.

Use a dark towel

You don’t have a sex blanket and your partner isn’t keen on doing it in the shower? Then you can always use a dark towel to keep that menstrual blood from showing off. Put it on the bed during sex and all the liquids will be trapped by the dense fabric.

A great time for anal

Yes, the menstrual days are perfect to go on and use the back door. Anal is safe during period sex and it also allows you to keep on your tampon. You can also try spicing things up by blindfolding your partner during sex, and so he won’t see any mess that it may occur, or use some sex toys and focus on role playing, instead on the actual sexual act.


There are plenty of things you can do to make period sex enjoyable, without even your date knowing that you are on your menstrual days. All you have to do is be imaginative and try not to be ashamed of the natural processes of your body. Yeah, sex can be messy sometimes, but with the right moves, the orgasms makes it worth all the discomfort.

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