Preparing for role-playing


Role playing is a common service among high-class escorts, and it’s one that brings bigger fees and longer bookings.

Of course, role-playing is not for everyone, and that’s ok, you just have to ask yourself just how ready you are for this type of service and how comfortable that makes you feel. Think it through, put yourself in certain scenarios and see what’s ok and what’s not when it comes to dressing up and acting a certain role for your client.

If there are things that you don’t like doing or that make you feel uncomfortable, is best to know it in advance and clearly state it to your clients or on your profile. This way you avoid awkward situations and even bad reviews.

After knowing what role-playing services you want to provide, the next important thing is getting ready for the date with a client that is expecting this kind of service.

Step 1

Ask your client what kind of costume he is expecting you to wear. While some clients may be ok with costumes that you can easily find in a store, some may be more specific regarding the costume. The best way to make sure that he will be satisfied and even leave you a good review, is to know what his expectations are and try to satisfy them.

Some want you to wear a costume that a character in their favorite movie or video game is wearing, and that requires knowledge from your behalf. So, ask him the specifics and even require a photo to have as a starting point so that you can properly prepare for role-playing.

Keep in mind that as the costume gets more intricate and harder to find, and as his specifics are more detailed and out of the norm, the bigger your paycheck is going to be.

Step 2

Do your research right. When a client comes asking you to be a sexy, rum drinking, sword fighting pirate, the best thing to do, for an A level role-playing service is to do some research that goes beyond wearing a costume. Check out makeup tutorials that go with your outfit, hair styles, and even watch videos to see how that character usually acts and talks.

The more genuine you are, the better the service you provide, the higher the fee you’ll be asking and the greater the review at the end of your date.

Step 3

If the client has over the top requirements that cost you time and money, mention that from the very beginning and put the extra costs into your final fee.

Step 4

Ask for a script. It doesn’t have to be a written note because nobody has time for that but ask for specifics regarding the way that your client wants the date to go on. When you ask for a script, you get valuable information regarding his expectations. Ask him how he wants you to greet him, how he wants you to act, and what he wants to hear from you. The more you know, the better the experience.

Step 5

Set up clear boundaries regarding what you are ok with and what is a certain no-no for both you and him and establish a safe word for when things go too far.

Follow the steps mentioned above and you’ll surely offer your date an unforgettable role-playing escort experience.

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