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Keep your erections strong, many years from now!


Taking care of your “family jewels” is no small business, especially if you want to enjoy those hard erections for many years to come, without having to use special aids, like pills, pumps and sex toys.

So, even if now everything seems perfect and the morning boner is there every time, there’s no better time than the present to start making some lifestyle changes that will help you keep that bad boy of yours healthy and hard!

1.      Stay away from certain treatments

Did you know that the use of certain medicine can lead to erection problems? Yes, you’ve heard that right, while trying to fix a medical problem, your famous erections can say goodbye to you!

Not only prescription drugs are dangerous for your precious jewels, but also some of the over the counter drugs. So, stay away or don’t abuse the use of allergy pills and cold medicine!

From the list of prescription drugs, the most dangerous for your erection are some of the antidepressants existing on the market, blood pressure medication, some pain relievers and antihistamines.

Keep an eye on what drugs you take when you are feeling ill, read the prescription, talk to your doctor and don’t over abuse them if you want to enjoy a long and satisfying love life!

2.      Forget about belly fat and go for an intense training programme

Did you know that men with a bigger waist circumference are predisposed to having an erectile dysfunction?

And the explanation is simple: a thick waist indicates that you have visceral fat and visceral fat is linked to a lower level of testosterone and that leads to, you guessed it – a lower performance in bed!

But, by training on a regular basis, and we are not talking about an easy weekly workout, you can pump up your blood pressure and improve the quality of your erections. Exercise constantly, in an intense manner and you’ll see that the improvements in the bedroom.

3.      What do you choose: to have a smoke or a strong erection?

Yes, smoking is directly linked to the quality of your erections, because smoking can cluster the blood vessels, this way inhibiting the blood to flow in the penis and maintain the strong erection.

Try not to smoke for a year and you’ll see the improvements.

4.      Without enough sleep, say goodbye to erections!

For the body to properly function, it needs at least six to eight hours of sleep. Did you know that after a couple of nights of less sleep, when erected, your penis visibly loses his hardness? Yes, it takes only two nights in a row on no sleep, so that your buddy to betray you and leave you hanging!

The lack of sleep affects the levels of free testosterone in your body, the one that deals with libido and sexual activity. Add to that the fact that the imbalance of hormones like dopamine of serotonin, regulated by sleep, affects your erection and you have a cocktail for disaster in the sack.

5.      Keep your laptop away from your lap!

Because it generates a lot of heat, keeping the laptop in your lap can cause your testicles to overheat and that leads to less sperm and a lower testosterone level.

You’ve ever wondered why your scrotum is outside the body, just hanging in there, between your legs?

No, it is not there for aesthetic purposes but to keep your balls a few degrees below the body temperature, so that your swimmers and hormones to stay safe and function properly!


These are just a few things you need to consider if you want your boners to stay strong for a long time from now on. Add to what we’ve mentioned above things like consuming less alcohol, no stress and no anxiety and you are on the right track.

Remember, a strong erection means more sexy escorts for you and that translates into plenty of amazing orgasms and moans of pleasure in the bedroom! ????

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