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Are Pornscorts the Ultimate Experience?


If you’re looking for a little added excitement to your escort experience, then perhaps you should be looking into pornscorts. As the name suggests, these ladies are porn stars, who dabble in a little part-time escorting. Now, while there is a pretty heated debate going around the porn and escorting communities about whether or not the two industries meet or shy away from each other, many porn stars will accept to escort for the right remuneration. All you have to do is ask.


Now, because most porn stars only escort occasionally, you should expect a couple of differences. They are more likely to be picky about clients and they will most likely have higher rates. However, if you’re tired of the girlfriend experience and are tempted for something a little more heated, then perhaps the pornscort is the right choice for you.


If you have more intense erotic fantasies and you’re worried that perhaps a regular escort will not be open to them, it’s safer to go for the pornstar, who you’ve already seen in action in similar circumstances. However, there are both pros and cons to setting up a meeting with somebody with a reputation in the porn industry.


For example, many porn escorts do not advertise their trade. They are already busy selling and marketing their merchandise. Advertising their escort services would also mean having a series of fixed rates, whereas most pornscorts prefer to modify their rates constantly, depending on their stardom and the clients requesting them.


You can contact a pornscort through a specialized directory or directly from their personal website, even via their Twitter if an e-mail address isn’t available. Don’t be shocked, however, if they don’t respond or if they refuse you. They might not be offering escort services or they might be busy with other projects or you might simply not fit their pattern of clients.


Overall, pornscorts are the best providers of PSE, aka the pornstar experience. While a lot of escorts offer PSE, most of them do not have the necessary experience to really know what that entails. So, if you’re looking for that one-in-a-lifetime experience, contact some of your favourite porn stars and see who’s interested!    


(Pictured above is Polina, age 22, from Zurich, Switzerland)

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