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Escort Stephany
29, Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Agency Lijndenmodels
Base city: Amsterdam
Phone: +31238080133
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Web: escortlijnden.nl
About Us

It is the best place to spend a peaceful, quiet holiday. Once in a while, it is indicated for people who worked hard at their stressful job to take a little vacation and go to some quiet place. Now you have found one of them. Lijnden is a village in the Dutch province of North Holland. It is a part of the municipality of Haarlemmermeer, and lies about 10 km west of Amsterdam.

What is more comfortable than having the peace of a nice, friendly village only 10 minutes away from the crowded, full of tourists city of Amsterdam? I think this is the best part of spending a few days here, in Lijnden. Even though it is a small village, we have a lot of things to do, especially if you are looking for having a lot of fun. You don't need to spend your time in the noisy capital city of the Netherlands to have an enjoyable time.

What if I tell you there is a better way to entertain yourself?